Lumio by SMART Training Schedule and Helpful Hints

Monroe City Schools is in the process of placing brand new SMART boards in each classroom.  The boards are the latest generation of SMART technology and they will be able to be used (eventually) without the need to connect to an actual desktop.  The possibilities for the board integration into every day lessons are limitless.  

However, with new technology comes a learning curve.  MIS/Instructional Technology are finalizing a training program that will place "trainer teachers" on each campus.  The training will be provided by SMART representatives with support from the trainer teachers and the IT Facilitator, Jodie Moorhead.

Your current SMART Notebook lessons and activities will continue to work with the exception of anything flash-based.  Flash was discontinued world-wide, not just with SMART.  Teachers loved the activities that were built in to SMART Notebook, and SMART has provided new, better activities to replace the activities lost to the flash purge.

Below, you will find handouts, and videos for the basics of the new board!





SMART Documents

Getting Started

SMART Board MX (v2) Basics


MCS Specific Handouts

Getting Started with Lumio by SMART

Adding Apps and Pinning Frequently Used Items

Adding Multimedia to Whiteboard

Adding Ready-Made Activities

Adding Widgets


Customizing Your Display

Files Library

kapp Whiteboard

Record Lessons

Screen Sharing

and Sync Your Lessons

SMART Ink Document Viewer


SMART kapp App

SMART Whiteboard

Start a "Shout it Out" Activity

Using a PDF with Lumio - Also works for any file on your computer


Lumio by SMART - The Basics of the Board and Software PP Presentation


SMART Training Sites

For Teachers

For Students and Parents

Getting Started for Educators


SMART-Created Videos

Please click on this link to see a large variety of training videos created by SMART.  The titles are not listed individually here, but there is a large list on this site.

SMART Training Videos


YouTube Videos

Getting Started with SMART Board MX (V2)

SMART Board MX Series - Full Demonstration


SMART YouTube Channel


More to Come!!!