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Mission Statement

The Monroe City School District is committed to excellence in teaching and learning. We hold high expectations for all students, parents, and staff. We share, with our community, the responsibility for providing a safe, caring environment designed to help students become productive citizens. We pledge all available resources to help prepare students to live and work in a rapidly changing technological society.

Core Beliefs

  • Children are our most precious resource.

  • All children can learn and must be provided equitable opportunities to learn.

  • All students must be provided the opportunity to achieve their highest potential.

  • The learning experiences of students should help them become productive and responsible citizens.

  • Our curriculum must be comprehensive and responsive to the needs of all students.

  • Partnerships with students, parents, community, and schools are vital for the development of all children.

  • All students and employees have the right to work and learn in a safe and orderly setting.

  • A supportive environment encourages creative problem-solvers and effective decision makers.

  • Continuous professional improvement and growth opportunities for all staff members are crucial to our success.

  • Our school district provides the best opportunity for students to practice real life skills necessary for success in a culturally diverse society.

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