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Office of Business, Maintenance, and Operations


The division supervises Fiscal Services, Maintenance and Operations, Purchasing and Warehouse, Food Services, and Transportation.


Davona Howard

Chief Financial Officer

Phone: 318-325-0601


  • Fiscal Services - Provides all budget, accounting, and financial advisory services for the district. It also provides payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, auditing, and reporting.

  • Maintenance and Operations – Provide district-wide facility, grounds, and equipment maintenance to ensure a safe learning environment.

  • Transportation – Provides daily home-to-school service for district students. Additionally, the department provides services for special education, after-hour academic and sports programs, and educational field trips.

  • Purchasing and Warehouse – Purchases, delivers and tracks all goods and services.

  • Food Services – Plan and prepares all meals provided to students and district employees.

This division includes:

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