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Procedures for Allowing Mental Health and Counseling Agencies Onsite Access



For Counselors/mental health specialists/mental health professionals requesting access to Monroe City Schools’ students during school hours the following  established procedures must be followed. These procedures will allow Monroe City Schools to monitor who our students are with, how long they are with them, when they are with them, and where they are with them on our campuses. We also want to ensure that classroom instruction is not disturbed.

This procedure, with the exception of Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) workers, is to be followed when allowing an outside agency access to students on Monroe City School campuses.

Step 1:  Before entering a Monroe City School to provide services to any student, all workers must obtain a “Background Check” at the Monroe City Police Office as well as obtain Fingerprints.  Results must be submitted to Monroe City School Board’s Office of Student Support Services at300 Sherrouse Avenue, Monroe, LA 71203, 318-388-3747 ext. 5226 prior to providing services at any Monroe City School site.

Step 2: Service providers must complete an Agency Request for Student Access form (Form B) available at each school.

Step 3: A Parent Permission for Student Access letter (Form C) is available at each school site.  Agencies wishing to provide services within a Monroe City School must obtain parent permission on this form.

Step 4: The agency must then bring the Background Check, fingerprints, completed Form A, completed Form B and completed Form C to the Office of Student Support Services.  If all items are in order and acceptable, a Verification of Service Provider and Parent Permission for Student Access form (Form D) will be given to the service provider.

Step 5: The service provider should take the Verification of Service Provider and Parent Permission of Student Access form (Form D) to the student’s school to be completed with the principal/designee.

Once those steps are completed, the following procedure will be followed when a student is provided services during school hours at a Monroe City School site by an outside agency for mental health/counseling services:

  1. Worker will present identification and Verification of Service Provider and Parent Permission for Student Access form (Form D),to office staff and signing date/time of arrival and the initials of student they are there to see.

  2. Student will be called to the office by office staff.

  3. Office staff will indicate an approved location where the student is to be taken for counseling services.

  4. Upon completion of counseling services, the worker will have the student check back in with office staff before the student returns to class.

  5. Worker will sign out before leaving. 




MCS Outside Agency Verification of Service Provider and Parent Permission for Student Access Letter  (Form D)


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