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"I Am" Resources and Other Educational Resources


Earthquake Information

Environmental Education


Fusion Energy

Museum of Unnatural History

Physics Tutorials


Science Fair Central

Science Projects

Social Studies


GPO Access


Coin Gallery

Investing for Kids

Geographic Names

National Geographic Kids

Outline Maps

Outline of American Geography

UN CyberSchool Bus

Wonders of the World

CIA Factbook


American Civil War

Avalon Project


50 years of Trinity


History Net

Holocaust Online

LA Information for Kids

Louisiana Kids Page

Middle Ages

Time for Kids

American Civil War Center

Parent Resources


Awesome Library


Children’s Coalition Center




Helping Your Child Series,succeed%20in%20school%20and%20life.


LD Online


Live Homework Help


Louisiana Department of Education


Math Flashcards


Math Goodies


National Coalition for Parental Involvement in Education


National Parent Teacher Association

PBS Kids


Pratt’s Educational Resources


Science Fair Central


Sites to Help Parents Help Their Children


Student Progress Center


Super Kids Math Worksheet Creator

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