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Student Handbooks

Each Monroe City Schools student is provided a copy of an age-appropriate Student Handbook.  Parents, please take the time to read through this handbook with your children and discuss what is expected of them at school, on the bus, and at extracurricular activities.  Please note there is a Student/Parent Contract which must be signed and returned to school if not done already. 


Please understand that your child may be photographed and/or recorded on video in connection with Monroe City School System activities. From time to time, students’ pictures/videos will be taken at school or at school activities. These pictures may be broadcast or used in print/TV media or on the website for public viewing. If any parent/guardian does not agree to the use of their child’s pictures in this manner, please express any objections, in writing, in a separate letter to the principal as well as signing this form.  Not signing and returning this form indicates approval for the student’s name (full first name and first initial of last name), picture, art, written work, voice, verbal statements, or portraits (video or still) to appear in the school or district’s publications, videos, website, or news articles about the district. These pictures and articles may or may not personally identify the student. You also understand that all photos and videos will become the property of Monroe City School System.


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