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Sallie Humble Elementary


All our students and parents are special to the staff of Sallie Humble Elementary. We want your child to succeed, and we welcome your assistance. Here are some items of information about our school that will be helpful to you.





  • Sallie Humble Elementary opens its doors for students beginning at 7:25 a.m.

  • ALL car drop off/pick up will take place at end. CARS SHOULD NOT PULL INTO SCHOOL PARKING LOT UNTIL 7:25. Gym entrance doors close at 8:00. If students are eating breakfast, please have them at school no later than 7:50. Students must report to the office to get a tardy slip if they arrive after 8:00 a.m.

  • Students who ride in cars are dismissed at 2:45 p.m from the GYM. Students will be loaded in cars by Sallie Humble staff.  Please do not walk up to get your child as this becomes a safety issue. CARS SHOULD NOT PULL INTO SCHOOL PARKING LOT FOR CAR PICKUP UNTIL 2:45.

  • Please follow the drop off/pick up map to help traffic flow smoothly and safely.

  • Walkers are dismissed around 3:15 p.m.

  • All students should be picked up from school by 3:20 p.m.

  • Students cannot be checked out after 2:30 pm. If you have early appointments, please be sure to check your child out before 2:30.

  • Our school is now equipped with water bottle fillers. Students will be allowed to bring a plastic water bottle each day. NO STANLEY CUPS OR OTHER BOTTLES THAT DO NOT CLOSE/SEAL. We have water bottles available for purchase for $3.

  • CHANGES TO TRANSPORTATION CANNOT BE MADE AFTER 2:00PM. Please send a written note to the teacher, send a message to the teacher on Remind or email



Our students wear uniforms. Tops are knit polo style in either red, white, or navy blue. Slacks, shorts, skirts, jumpers, or skorts are either khaki (tan) or navy blue. No backless shoes will be allowed. Tennis shoes must be worn for participation in P.E. *See Monroe City Schools handbook for more details.



Sallie Humble Elementary sells school spirit T-shirts during the year. Spirit Days are usually on Fridays when the students and teachers wear their Sallie Humble T-shirts to promote school pride. On Spirit Days, students may wear blue jeans or uniform bottoms. Uniforms are always appropriate dress even on Spirit Days.




Concessions are sold on Fridays only at Sallie Humble Elementary. Items are $1.50 each. These are purchased after lunch on Friday. No outside food or drinks are to be brought to school at any time. (Except if the school designates a special day.)



Lunches brought from home must be in lunch bags or boxes. Lunches are not to be brought to school in fast food bags or containers (Ex. McDonalds, Canes, Subway, etc.). No drinks from fast food restaurants are allowed. No glass containers or carbonated drinks allowed. (These are state law.)


Students must behave on the bus and follow the same rules as they do at school. Students who disobey the bus rules will not be allowed to ride the bus. Student safety is of the utmost concern for students.


Monroe City Schools Attendance/Absence policies-

  • 1st and 2nd Absence- Parent receives a phone call

  • 3rd Absence- Parent receives a letter

  • 4th Absence- Parent conference with Administrator

  • 5th Absence- Child Welfare and Attendance is contacted



Electronic devices that are out where they can be seen or are being used by the student will be confiscated.

  1. First offense- Device may be picked up by student at end of day.

  2. Second offense- Device can only be picked up by a parent, and student will be required to check their phone in at the office each morning for the rest of the school year.

  3. Third offense -Device may be picked up in May on student's last day by the parent or guardian.


Sallie Humble will not be responsible for lost or stolen electronic devices.



3800 Westminster Avenue

Monroe, LA   71201


Contact Us​

(318) 325-7659


Principal - Lissa Dumas

Assistant Principal - Dexter Houston

Curriculum Coordinator - Shannon Embanato


Committed to promoting academic and social achievement for all!

Welcome to Sallie Humble Elementary!

We are where the pride begins!  The road to Tiger-dome continues through Sallie Humble, after students come to us from our feeder school Lexington Elementary.  We strive to make the learning environment at Sallie Humble challenging, but fun, as we prepare our students for junior high and beyond.  Through rigorous academics and a variety of activities, Sallie Humble provides the best learning environment we can!

This website is under construction and the process of being updated where possible.  Please check back for more information.

You can contact the school about their social media presence through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Remind!

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