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Pupil Appraisal


The purpose of pupil appraisal services is to assist students who have academic, behavioral, and/or communication challenges, adjustment difficulties, or other special needs which are adversely impacting the student’s educational performance by providing services to students, parents, teachers, and other school personnel.

Carey Day


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Services include, but are not limited to the examples provided below:

  1. Assistance to teachers and other school personnel in the development and implementation of behavioral and/or instructional interventions through the Response to Intervention (RtI) process, positive behavior support process, or other intervention processes.

  2. Provision of support services to non-disabled students with academic, behavioral, and/or communication difficulties.

  3. Consultation with parents, students, teachers, and other personnel on topics such as instructional or behavioral modifications, exceptional students, and child development.

  4. Provision of staff development to school personnel on topics such as assessment, interventions, or child development.

  5. Evaluation of students to determine whether they are exceptional and in need of special education and related services.

  6. Interpretation of evaluation findings to school personnel and parents.

  7. Provision of related services to students with exceptionalities.

  8. Referral to other appropriate agencies for services when warranted.

Pupil appraisal personnel are not limited to providing services solely to students referred for an individual evaluation. Many students experiencing academic, behavior, and/or communication difficulties may be helped through recommendations made by pupil appraisal personnel for use in the general education classroom, enabling the student to benefit from instruction in the general education curriculum and eliminating the need for referral for an individual evaluation. Major functions of pupil appraisal personnel should include being child/student advocates and assisting students to remain in and profit from the general education curriculum whenever possible. When a student, as a result of an individual evaluation, qualifies for special education and related services, pupil appraisal personnel will recommend those services and supports needed to assist the teachers and parents of the student in providing appropriate special education services in the least restrictive environment.

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