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Professional Development Philosophy and Opportunities


Ongoing technology professional development is a critical component of the Instructional Technology program. IT has the responsibility to provide a variety of professional development activities that instruct personnel to successfully utilize technology within their assigned area: administrative, instructional, or support. Participation in district professional development activities is limited to employees only.

The activities planned by Instructional Technology are designed to prepare MCS teachers to use technology to enhance instruction, increase student achievement, and advance teacher and student productivity. Professional development activities will be offered by Instructional Technology that:

  • Ensure the growth and expansion of technology skills within a curriculum framework

  • Support and encourage the use of technology tools and supported applications and resources

  • Meet the needs of the beginning user as well as the experienced user

  • Enable schools to meet curriculum and professional growth goals

  • Enable district personnel to meet the National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers and the National Educational Technology Standards for Administrators

  • Enable district students to meet the K-12 Louisiana Technology Standards for Students

District Workshops

If you are interest in scheduling one of the sessions below, please contact Jodie Moorhead, IT Facilitator.  Trainings will be scheduled based on need and requests.


Cracking the Case with QR Codes (2 hours)

Ever noticed those strange squares in the bottom corner of an ad. That is a QR code and with most mobile devices (iPhones, iPads, iPods, tablets, etc.), they can be read and provide a wealth of information. In fact, they can be used to guide students on an informational journey, read a book to them, or allow them to dig deeper into meaning. Come see how to use QR codes in your classroom!

Digital Cameras (1.5 hours)

Just point, center the subject in the view window, and click. It really is that simple to take good digital pictures. Project-based lesson ideas that utilize the digital camera are also presented. Each MCS school library has digital cameras available for checkout. Teachers completing the workshop can check out class sets of digital cameras to use with their students in the classroom.

Engaging Students with Interactive, Online Quizzing (3 hours)

Come see the latest and greatest tools that allow you to engage your students in the manner in which they and connected. FREE websites such as Kahoot, Socrative, Quiz Revolution, and more, allow you assess your students while they are having fun. See the reporting features of each site, and learn how to use the reports as class documentation.

Give Students a Voice with VOKI (2 hours)

This free program allows students and teachers to create avatars, and customize them. The avatar can then speak typed text or recorded text, and the accents can be changed to match subject matter. The site also contains lesson plans and activities ready to implement in your classroom today!

Google Chrome Basics (1.5 hours)

Surfing the World Wide Web is as simple as "point and click" with the super friendly web browser, Google Chrome. Topics include selecting links, entering URL's, setting Favorites, searching for information, saving pages, etc.

Google Classroom (2 hours)

As MCS is a Google District, it is vital that all teachers feel comfortable and are proficient in the use of Google Classroom.  This platform allows for the delivery or materials, collaboration, and delivery of remote instruction.  It also allows for the monitoring of student posts and materials.

Google Documents (2 hours)

Do you need tools which would allow you to collaborate online with fellow colleagues? Google documents will do just this. In this session teachers will explore how to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations and forms and then invite others to share the products.

Google Drive (1.5 hours)

As Monroe City Schools uses the Google platform, using the Drive is a concept that all employees need to know.  The Drive allows for ease of storing, saving, and sharing.  In addition, the file information application allows the owner of the file to see changes, progress, and who has worked on the file.

Google Earth (2 hours)

Take a trip anywhere using Google Earth. Explore faraway places through satellite imagery, maps, and more. Why stop there? Explore galaxies in the Sky and participate in some Back Yard Astronomy plus much more. In this session teachers will be introduced to the many educational possibilities of using Google Earth.

Google Earth: Creating Tours (2 hours)

Now that you have explored the possibilities of using Google Earth, let's create a tour. In this session teachers will create a tour using content rich information. Teachers will learn to save and share the tour.

Google Forms (2 hours)

Google Forms allows for ease of creation when needing to design an assignment.  It also allows for grading and storage of results (great for item analysis) in a Google Sheet that is created when you input questions into your Google Form.  This program can also be used for registrations and opinions.

Google Slides (2 hours)

Yes, there is life after PowerPoint, and it is called Google Slides.  While PowerPoint is still a useful tool in the delivery of instruction, Google Slides pairs nicely (And easily) with our Google Classroom and Google Drive platforms.  See how this program will allow for delivery of instruction as well as a possible assessment tool!

MS Excel (2 hours)

Create a spreadsheet, set up a budget, input data, and then graphically display the information in a bar chart, line chart, or pie chart.

MS PowerPoint (2 hours)

It's so easy to make a professional-looking presentation with Microsoft PowerPoint. Learn how to use the Wizard and basic program features.

MS Word: Introduction to Word Processing* (2 hours)

Designed for the new user, the workshop covers basic word processing functions of Microsoft WORD such as text selection and editing; word wrap; copy, cut, and paste functions; document formatting; and saving a file. A must workshop for those new to the computer regardless of platform or the word processing program being used!

Prerequisite: Keyboarding Skills

MS Word: Creating a Calendar and a Certificate (2 hours)

No need to buy expensive calendars or achievement certificates as you can create your own using MS Word Templates. This workshop will teach you how.

Prerequisite: Keyboarding skills and MS Word workshop (or basic knowledge of word processing functions).

OnCourse Web Based Lesson Manager* (2 hours)

In this session teachers will learn how to construct, share and edit lesson plans online. Everything that a teacher needs for effective planning from the Comprehensive Curriculum to collaborative planning will be taught in this class.

OnCourse Web Pages for Teachers* (2 hours)

Teachers will learn how to create a web page which will be used for communicating with administration, faculty, parents and students. Just more failed assignments because your students forgot their homework assignment.

SmartBoard/Lumio I - Beginners (3 hours)

Make your classroom interactive with a SmartBoard! This basic workshop introduces new users to the basic commands and functions of a SmartBoard. Learn all the basic tools you need to begin using your SmartBoard now.

SmartBoard/Lumio II - Intermediate (3 hours)

Okay, so you have the basics. Now what do you do? Attend this workshop that will begin to show you how to create lesson plans and activities using the SmartBoard software. Also, learn how to find previously-created lessons that you can adapt for your classroom.

Prerequisite: SmartBoard I for Beginners

SmartBoardLumio III - Advanced Projects (3 hours)

Use your SmartBoard to create projects for the class to use. Add animation and sounds to the project to make learning come to life!

Prerequisite: SmartBoard I for Beginners and SmartBoard II - Intermediate

Web Tools to Engage and Instruct - Part 1 (3 hours)

Everyone in education knows our buddy, Bloom, and his famous taxonomy. Well, it is has now been updated where each level is a verb. In other words, student learn by doing! This session focuses on web tools that will help students remember, understand, and Apply information in fun, interactive, and engaging manners!

Web Tools to Engage and Instruct - Part 2 (3 hours)

As a continuation of Part, I, part II continues our quest to journey along Bloom's Revised Taxonomy! Once again, we know students learn by doing! This session focuses on web tools that will help students analyze, evaluate and create - the top three levels of the revised taxonomy!

Work SMART-er, Not Harder!

Want to engage your students in the learning process, help them retain more by doing, and save your sanity! Use these fun, pre-made activities in SMART Notebook to engage students in interactive activities for both review and assessment. These tools are already done for you, and with a little easy editing they can add a lot of pizzazz to your class.

WorldBook Online* (1.5 hours)

The online version of the encyclopedia set contains all of the print version text and illustrations plus many multi-media additions. Curriculum correlation guides will assist you with integration ideas. Attention foreign language teachers! The Spanish language version is also included in the online package.

WorldBook Advanced (1.5 hours)

Tailored for the needs and skills of students in grades 8 and up, World Book Advanced includes a customizable interface, a streamlined design, and personalized homepage content features. Research tools, including dictionary, atlas, and local and country research guides, help users compile the data and information they need to complete their assignments and background research.

World Book Discover (1.5 hours)

All students need reliable reference tools and World Book has introduced World Book Discover, a new resource designed specifically to meet the needs of students who read below the level of their peers. This latest addition to the World Book Web provides content, tools, and features to help bridge the achievement gap and support differentiated instruction.

World Book Kids (1.5 hours)

The site starts with content from World Book's award-winning Student Discovery Encyclopedia and adds activities that apply to the thousands of informative, easy-to-read and visually-appealing articles to provide students with the active learning environment they need to best absorb and retain information. Its colorful, dynamic interface is just right for younger students.


*Must-know workshop. What is Must-know? These resources have been identified as ones that every teacher in the district should know and use in the classroom on a regular basis.

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