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In order to be eligible to receive grades and earn Carnegie Units, high school students (or Jr. High/ Middle School students working toward Carnegie Units) shall be in attendance a minimum of 30,060 minutes per semester. For the 2018-2019 school year, High School and Junior High Students earning Carnegie Credits are allowed 4 unexcused absences for the first semester and 5 unexcused days for the second semester. Elementary and Jr. High/Middle School students are allowed 9 unexcused absences during the 2018-2019 school year (Bulletin 741, section 1103 G). Students in danger of failing due to excessive absences may be allowed to make up missed time in class sessions held outside the regular class time. The make-up sessions must be completed before the end of the current semester and all other policies must be met. 

Board Policy JB and JB

Schools shall administer attendance regulations in accordance with State and locally adopted policies. Students shall be expected to be in attendance every activity day scheduled by the local educational governing authority. 

A student is considered to be in attendance when he/she is physically present at school or is participating in an authorized school activity and is under the supervision of authorized personnel. This definition for attendance would extend to students who are homebound, assigned to and participating in drug rehabilitation programs that contain a state-approved education component, or participating in school authorized field trips. 


Additional information on attendance requirements can be found in the Student Handbook.

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