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    Mission Statement

    It is the mission of J. S. Clark Magnet School's faculty and staff to offer a comprehensive and challenging curriculum to actively engage students and family members in the learning process.



    We Believe:
    * Children are our most valuable resource
    * All children can learn and must be provided equitable opportunities to learn
    * Students learn best when they are actively engaged in the learning process.
    * Our curriculum must be comprehensive in that it builds skills necessary for success in a culturally diverse society.
    * All students and staff members have the right to work and learn together in a safe and  orderly environment.
    * Continuous professional improvement and growth opportunities for all staff members are crucial to the success of any
       educational program.
    * Partnerships among students, parents, community, and schools are vital for the development of all children.

     J.S. Clark Magnet School Handbook 2013-14