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    2011-2012 Budget



    Monroe City School Board's proposed budget for 2011-12 reflects the district's goal to "Tracking World Class" education. The district continues to provide the necessary resources to uphold its commitment to providing educational opportunities to the student population; to monitor and improve the quality and performance of the school system; to assume a leadership role; to employ staff that is dedicated to the maintenance of an outstanding school system; and to emphasize continued improvement by the citizenry for the benefit of the young people of the district.

    The budget reflects the Board's following goals:

    • Interpret the educational needs and aspirations of the community through the formulation of policies which stimulate the learner and the learning process;
    • Manage the school system in accordance with statutory requirements;
    • Provide leadership in each school in order that the goals and objectives of the school system can be effectively carried out;
    • Maintain two-way communication with the various publics served by the schools in order to interpret public attitudes, to identify policies and procedures of the schools, and to encourage public involvement with the understanding of the schools; and
    • Develop and provide the data appropriate for the management functions of planning, evaluating, organizing, controlling, and executing.

    Due to the economic challenges that the district continues to face, the budget will be closely monitored to ensure that the Board's goals are met within its financial capacity

    The documents provided in the following budgets will illustrate in further detail the monetary resources put in place to provide its world class education to its student population

    The following chart will focus on the General Fund, Sales Tax Funds and the School Food Service Funds, which represent the district's major funding sources.

     This proposed budget also provides the detail of other revenue sources that Monroe City School Board utilizes to support its goals and objectives.

     Actual vs. Beginning Budget by Category




    **Actuals for 2010-11 are provided as of August 31, 2011 and are subject to change.

    These amounts are **UNAUDITED**.


    Security Resource Officers Added

    • EduJobs Salaries and Benefits are added back to General Fund as part of MFP - $1,918,153
    • DIBELS mandate added, previously funded through LDOE State Grant
    • Neville HS repairs from flood damage - $355,000
    • Closure of Career Development Center
    • Transportation Assistant and Part-time Dispatcher are included
    • Property Insurance Increase
    • Vacancies in Custodial Positions are not budgeted (Prismatic Recommendation)