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    NLTF : Sessions

    As of February 18, 2011


    CONCURRENT Sessions  





    1. Ben Nicholson

    Richland Parish

    Applications of the iPad within the School Environment

    A brief overview of applications and uses of the Apple iPad within the School Setting.

    2. Cindy Lane


    Blogs, Wikis and Podcasts, Oh My

    These tools can be utilized in your classroom for authentic learning! Writing is an integral piece in blogs and wikis and with these tools in place, your students can collaborate easily!

    3. Carly McDuffie

    Monroe City

    Breaking News! Improve Reading and Writing Skills 

    Reading and writing skills will improve when students become news anchors. That´s right! With the use of NEWSMaker Software and a web cam, students will improve reading and writing skills as they create, perfect copy and report the news.

    4. Monica Sprinkle

    Detel Computer Solutions

    Click Away!

    Click Away! Are your students burnt out with test-taking? Are you tired of grading tests? Well, come to this session to learn how to use the SMART Response "clickers." Learn how to put excitement and ease into testing and reviewing. Get great tips on using released test items from Louisiana standardized tests in Response assessments.

    5. Josh Vick

    eInstruction and ALL In Learning

    From classroom to Cloud

    Technology at its peak. Combining 3 key areas of technology: a mobile teacher, an engaged student, and a cloud based approach.

    6. Kelli White

    Richland Parish

    From Introduction to Assessment: Engaging Learners with Technology

    Students are no longer content to hear a lecture and do a worksheet. In a few easy steps, technology can be integrated in every step of instruction, from introduction to assessment. Through clicker and Dance Mat reviews and project-based learning with Flip cameras, every classroom can be modernized.

    7. Sharon Trisler


    Google Calendar

    With Google Calendar, it's easy to keep track of life's important events all in one place. Never forget another event! Customizable reminders help you stay on schedule. You can choose to be notified by email or get a text message sent right to your mobile phone. And it is free with a Google account.

    8. Jackie Myers

    Monroe City

    Google Earth

    Take your classes to any place on our planet via Google Earth. Participants will learn Google Earth basics and get ideas of how to use Google Earth in their classes. Google Lit trips will also be demonstrated. Door prize will be given.

    9. Rodney Ray

    R-Squared Productions

    Keys to Successful Movie Editing

    Discussion and demonstration of basic movie editing techniques.

    10. James Wall


    Maximize your technology dollars with the Magic of Mimio.

    Come and see how you can fill an entire classroom with increbible, interactive technology at a fraction of the cost typically associated with such a project.

    11. Charlotte Breard

    Monroe City Schools

    Podcasting in the Library - So Simple a Child Can ......

    My students love preparing and presenting a podcast as well as listening to podcasts presented by their classmates. This high interest activity is so simple once you learn the basics. You will leave this session ready to broadcast.

    12. Melonie Monteilh

    Caldwell Parish

    Presto-Change-o: Fit your Teaching and Materials to Your Promethean Board"?

    Are you unsure of how to incorporate the Promethean Board into your classroom? Come discover how you can take your existing materials and turn them into interactive activities that your children will enjoy. Quick and easy ideas to get you started!

    13. Monica Sprinkle

     Detel Computer Solutions

    Rich Media in SMART Notebook

    This session will focus on 3 SMART interactive whiteboard Notebook tools: Page Recorder, SMART Recorder, and the SMART Video Player. Come see how to incorporate these rich media tools into your classroom.

    14. Rebekah Baker

    Monroe City Schools

    Teaching the SMART way

    This session will be on using the Smartboard effectively in the classroom. Tips and tricks will be shared along with lessons and activities created by fellow educators.

    15. Jan McGee +

    Region 8 Spotlight

    Technology Smackdown!

    Bring your favorite website or web app to the NLTF Technology Smackdown! What's a Smackdown? It's a technology share session with a moderator and an open microphone. Everybody is welcome to share their best tips, sites, and educational applications' as long as you can do it in THREE minutes. When the timer goes off, the next person in line gets the floor. Come to demonstrate or just come to learn about the newest and best apps on the web!

    16. Kathy S. O'Neal

    West Carroll

    The Storywand

    Using a digital voice recorder, students record various mediums such as stories, think alouds, reflections, and other levels of Bloom's taxonomy that are later used to write or discuss. Information may be downloaded and shared via school websites. Excellent tool for creating Young Author stories.

    17. William Fletcher



    This session will look at technology gadgets that could be used in your classroom. This could include equipment to software and anything in between.

    18. Debbie Pender and William Fletcher

    Lincoln / Tensas

    This Apps for You

    In this concurrent session, the IPAD will be discussed as to how it can be used in your classroom with some of the 350,000 apps that are available for use in education.

    19. Ryan Parks

    Franklin Parish

    TI NSpire Navigator in the High School Math Class

    The capabilities of the TI-NSpire calculator with Navigator system will be demonstrated. Special emphasis will be on bellringer applications and use of the Texas Instruments activities exchange as well as the Connect to class capabilities of the system.

    20. Deborah Evans and Suzanne Rogers

    Caldwell Parish

    Using the Promethean Board for Instruction and Assessment in the Math Classroom

    Promethean Board users will enjoy learning how to use this wonderful tool in pre-assessment, instruction and assessment. Publishing with Promethean will also be discussed.

    21. Cindy Lane


    Welcome to Web 2.0 in your Classroom

    This session is centered around three tools that are free and safe to use in your classroom with your students for higher learning and collaboration!

    22. Andy Snelling


    World Book Web Science Power and More

    Learn about the new World Book Web Science Power and classroom online products and new updates and features.


    HANDS-ON Sessions


    1. Frank Bobo

    Region 8 TLTC

    Catching on with Flip Cams

    This is your opportunity to come to a fun-filled session to motivate your students. This session will explore the use of flip cameras in the classroom. The use of comprehensive curriculum activities will be included.

    2. Sonya Arender

    Franklin Parish

    Creating Interactive Smart Board Lessons

    In this session participants will have the opportunity to develop interactive smart board activities that are available in the Smart notebook software.

    3. Debbie Pender

    Lincoln Parish School Board

    Explore Microsoft Office 2010

    Explore new and exciting features of Office 2010

    4. Aline Smead

    Ouachita Parish

    Exploring PhotoShop Elements

    Becoming productive in Adobe PhotoShop Elements has never been easier! Use the mini-lessons in Adobe's Classroom in a Book to explore the features.

    5. Nan Stephens

    Region 7 TLTC

    Fun with Green Screen Pics

    In this session we will use 'green screen' technology to create pictures using Paint.net. This is a cool way to incorporate pictures into the comprehensive curriculum.

    6. Jimmie Ann Grant and Monya Ford

    Ouachita Parish

    Glogster - Poster Yourself

    Glogster is a teaching tool for bringing fun and creativity into the classroom. Teachers and students alike can use Glogster to create online posters to enhance lesson plans and class projects. Students of all ages love it, from elementary to high school, because of the paperless poster presentations that look like they were created by a professional. Teachers love the ease with which they can grade the projects because there is no pile of papers.

    7. Mike Beutner


    Interactive Online Audio: The Open Source Way!

    In this hands-on session, you will discover how to create free interactive audio applications. Later this year, young readers in our region will be able to read interactive talking stories from the ULM "Ace Adventures" website. In this hands-on session, we will create a "talking story" using recorded speech files. Handouts and all files will be provided.

    8. Cody Lewis


    iPad Apps for Education

    We will explore various free and low cost education apps for iPad. This session will bring your own iPad. We will learn and share apps.

    9. Melissa Ezell


    Photo Story 3

    Create slideshows using your digital photos. With a single click, you can touch-up, crop, or rotate pictures. Add stunning special effects, soundtracks, and your own voice narration to your photo stories. Then, personalize them with titles and captions. Small file sizes make it easy to send your photo stories in an e-mail. Watch them on your TV, a computer, or a Windows Mobile-based portable device.

    10. Christina Nguyen

    Union Parish

    Using NEO2 in the Classroom

    Provide attendees with various ways to use the NEO2 in the regular education classroom