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    Senior Naval Science Instructor                Commander W. L. Allen USN (Ret)
    Naval Science Instructor                             MSGT K. A. Arceneaux USMC (Ret)
    Naval Science Instructor                             SCPO C. Grisby USN (Ret)
    (318) 323-2237 ext 1219/322-0289

    The NJROTC is one of the most unique and interesting programs offered to
    high school students.  If you are looking for unique high school experiences,
    enroll in the Neville High School NJROTC unit.

    The mission of the program is "to instill the value of citizenship, service to country,
    personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment."

    NJROTC FACT SHEET -  Did you know?

    1.  NJROTC stands for Naval Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps.

    2.  NJROTC is a jointly sponsored Navy and secondary school citizenship
    and leadership program for students in grades 9 through 12.

    3.  NJROTC is an education program.  Cadets are under no Navy obligation.

    4.  NJROTC is open to all who meet the physical standards of the NJROTC Program.

    5.  NJROTC teaches self-discipline, self-confidence and leadership skills to
    help you successfully meet life's challenges.

    6.  NJROTC education can be a big assist for students enlisting in the service
    or seeking nominations to the Naval Academy, or interested in qualifying for
    an NROTC college scholarship.

    7.  NJROTC cadets are provided with uniforms, books, training aids and other
    types of equipment paid for by the Navy.

    8.  NJROTC encourages the formation of drill teams, group athletics,
    marksmanship teams and other types of extra curricular activities.

    9.  NJROTC cadets take part in ship training cruises, orientation visits, and
    field trips to various naval activities to enhance their classroom studies.

    10.  The NJROTC program is taught by retired officers and enlisted personnel.

    Need help in Math?  The NJROTC offers free tutoring to cadets enrolled in the
    program during cadet’s class period as needed by a certified mathematician.

    Going to college and want to get a better score on your SAT or ACT?  The NJROTC
    offers Peterson's Online Course for SAT or ACT College Test Prep free of
    charge to cadets enrolled in the NJROTC program.

    Want to know more?
    You can find out more about the NJROTC program by visiting your Naval Science Instructor |
    or School Counselor.