Writing Revolution Parent Workshop

You are invited to attend the second Monroe City Schools Parent Workshop facilitated by The Writing Revolution! This workshop will focus on key strategies that families can easily use at home to support students with their writing, reading, oral language, and critical thinking skills. Please note that this is the same workshop that was presented on October 22nd.


The workshop will be facilitated by Kelly Downing, Senior Faculty Member of the Writing Revolution. Mr. Downing has been working closely with schools in Monroe City for the past several years and is excited to share these strategies with families!



The Writing Revolution, a nonprofit organization, trains educators and supports schools and districts in implementing the Hochman Method. This evidence-based method of expository writing instruction builds from sentences to compositions and can be embedded in all subjects and grades. Students’ writing, as well as their reading comprehension, critical thinking, and oral language abilities, improve as a result of receiving explicit writing instruction.

Have questions about enrolling?

?Email communications@thewritingrevolution.org!