School Psychologist Week

These dedicated professionals work diligently with educators across the district to ensure the best outcomes for each and every student. The assist in providing academic and behavioral interventions, mental health supports, evaluation, assessment and data analysis, consultation with teachers and families, culturally responsive services, as well as crisis prevention and response. 


Please thank our six school psychologists for the many services they provide.
















Pictured Clockwise from Top Left:


A former Louisiana School Psychologist of the Year honoree, Rayne Adams, NCSP, has served as a school psychologist in Monroe City Schools for 29 years. She currently serves Sallie Humble, Lexington, J.S. Clark, and Grace Episcopal.  According to Rayne, “The most important role that I have as a school psychologist is to effectively collaborate with school personnel to assist students in accessing eligible services that promote individual student success.”


When asked what she most likes about her job as a Monroe City Schools psychologist, Robin Cohenour, NCSP, answers, “That is very easy...the children! Not so much the grown-ups at times, but I love working with the children.  Most of my 30+ year career has been spent with preschoolers and in the past about 10 years, I have spent lots of time with those on the autism spectrum.  While I think seriously about retirement, staying at home during this pandemic has taught me that life is better when I can work and help the children I so dearly love!”


Carey Day, LSSP and NCSP, is in her thirteenth year as a school psychologist, six of which have been here in Monroe.  Carey says, “The most fulfilling part of my job is advocating for students, teachers, parents, and our school system.  Most people may relate advocacy with aggression, but I see it as a time of vulnerability when we are able to praise successes and reflect on opportunities for growth to, hopefully, set our egos aside and ultimately trust that we all have a common goal…to support and educate children to the absolute best of our ability.”


Laura Maciaszek, NCSP, is the Immediate Past President of the Louisiana School Psychological Association and has 14 years of experience as a school psychologist, 10 years in Monroe City Schools.  “My favorite part of this job is the ability to create connections with students, teachers, and administrators.  I love working at the individual level to support a single person, but I also love having the ability to work at the district level which allows me to take a systems approach in supporting teams, schools, and district leadership,” she says.


Pamela Smith, SSP, is enjoying year twenty-two in school psychology.  She serves Carroll High, Carroll Junior High, QuesTech Learning, and Our Lady of Fatima, as needed.  She reports, “This job is very rewarding in that it allows me to be to a true advocate for our students.  I love being able provide a positive environment as well as supports needed so that our children can achieve their level of success.”


Deanna Yelverton, LSSP and NCSP, has spent a fulfilling career in school psychology and joins Monroe City Schools this year.  She provides testing services for eleven schools. When asked what she likes best about being a school psychologist, she says, “Helping to bring a smile to a child's face.”