Instructional Resources for Technology and Educational Programs

This page is a library of videos and materials that will assist MCS teachers with the use of the various Google, technology, and educational resources that are available to them.  If there is a program or site that you need assistance with, please email Jodie Moorhead.  This page may become a listing of links to program-specific subpages as more information is created and compiled.  


OnCourse Lesson Planner

OnCourse is the system Monroe City Schools uses to develop and post lesson plans.  It is also the system used to created, edit, and maintain the teacher web pages.  Some general information from the OnCourse providers can be located at the top of the page once a teacher logs in to OnCourse.


OnCourse Systems Logo

OnCourse University will take the teacher to a page where they can select specific topics with which to get help from the OnCourse experts.

Support will allow a teacher to email a specific question to the company for assistance.

Lesson Planner

OnCourse allows for easy input of lesson plans in a safe, user-friendly environment.  Each administrator will set deadlines and specific requirements for lesson plans on a school-level basis.

Instructional Handouts from OnCourse

Localized OnCourse Handout


Teacher Web Pages

Our teacher web pages are often the first line of communication with our parents and the community.  Teacher web pages can be located on each school website by navigating to the school name and then selecting "Menu".  Under that tab, parents will select "About Our School" then "Meet Our Staff".  All teachers are listed at this location. 

Please make sure the web pages are updated regularly and contain at least the following:

  • Teacher name
  • contact information (Use only MCS contact information, not personal!)
  • schedule
  • any specific classroom policies, rules or procedures that students and parents may need to know

Instructional Handout



JCAMPUS is the system MCS uses to input grades, attendance, and behavior records.  You must get your username and password from your school administrator.

Local JCAMPUS Handout


Google GSuite for Education Tools

In order to access the full range of GSuite For Education Tools, please make sure you are logged in to your official Monroe City Schools Google account.  If you are experiencing difficulty, please contact Jodie Moorhead for assistance with account credentials.


Google GSuite for Education Overview

Video - Google GSuite Menu Basics

Google Classroom

Instructional Handout

Google Drive

Instructional Handout

Locating Google Drive
Uploading a File/Folder to Google Drive
Finding Files/Folders Shared With Me
Sharing a File or Folder


Google Forms

Instructional Handout

Google Docs

Instructional Handout 1

Instructional Handout 2

Google Slides

Instructional Handout

Other Google Information

Teacher Tutorials

Mind Blowing Google Extensions

Make Google Meet Better with Five Chrome Extensions

Must Have Google Chrome Extensions for Teachers - Version 1

Must Have Google Chrome Extensions for Teachers - Version 2

Must Have Google Slides Add-Ons for Teacher

7 Best Websites and Apps for Distance Learning


Relay for Classroom (By Lightspeed)

This does not take the place of Google Classroom or Zoom for the delivery of instruction.  This program allows the teacher to view the students' online activity in real time to guide and monitor instructional activity.

Relay for Classroom Handout

Video (Coming Soon)




Scheduling a Meeting with Zoom Website

Meeting Controls

Breakout Rooms

Sharing Your Screen

Closed Captioning

Register for Live webinar: Zoom Meetings for Education



Quick Start Guide: Edulastic Overview

Create Assessments in Edulastic

How to Assign an Assessment

How to Use Live Class Board and Reports

Edulastic Help Desk


Best Practices in Virtual Instruction

Power Point



Web Tools for Engaging Students

The tools featured below are web tools that will allow teachers to engage the students in meaningful, yet fun, methods of assessment and guided instruction.  While there may be a paid version of the web tool available, the tool can be used effectively utilizing the free version!


Kahoot is a great way to assess student knowledge in a fun, competitive manner.  Students love to compete to be on the "podium" of winners at the end of each Kahoot game.  A teacher can easily add videos and pictures to the game to make it more visually appealing.

Instructional Handout



Socrative is another online assessment tool that can be easily used for both formative and summative assessments.  The program provides very good feedback for both teachers and students.  There is even the possibility of providing individualized handouts for each student based on performance.  Once again there is a paid version, but the free version does provide a tremendous resource for use.

Instructional Handout



Remind is provided by the district for each teacher and staff member.  This method of communication between teachers and students and/or parents is safe, secure, archived, and private.  No personal information is shared when messages or material is sent through Remind.  The handout below contains many pages of instruction that will walk a teacher through setting up and maintaining their own Remind account.

Instructional Handout


Animoto and Content Trailers

Content trailers provide our students with a visually exciting way to be introduced concepts and preview the content they are about to learn.  Using the Animoto Education License (FREE!!!) teachers can create their own customized content trailers or locate content trailers already created for use.

Instructional Handout


Google Tours and Lit Trips

Everyone loves Google Earth.  After all, it is a cool tool that allows teachers to show students what almost any location looks from the computer screen.  However, we need students focused on materials and specific sites instead of just "roaming all over the world."  Google tours and Google Lit Trips allow teachers to guide the students to targeted locations for information and activities.  Lit trips are Google tours that specifically designed to take students on a geographic tour of the settings featured in many selections of literature.

Instructional Handout