Professional Development

Ongoing technology professional development is a critical component of the Instructional Technology program. IT has the responsibility to provide a variety of professional development activities that instruct personnel to successfully utilize technology within their assigned area: administrative, instructional, or support. Participation in district professional development activities is limited to employees only.

The activities planned by Instructional Technology are designed to prepare MCS teachers to use technology to enhance instruction, increase student achievement, and advance teacher and student productivity. Professional development activities will be offered by Instructional Technology that:

  • Ensure the growth and expansion of technology skills within a curriculum framework
  • Support and encourage the use of technology tools and supported applications and resources
  • Meet the needs of the beginning user as well as the experienced user
  • Enable schools to meet curriculum and professional growth goals
  • Enable district personnel to meet the National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers and the National Educational Technology Standards for Administrators
  • Enable district students to meet the K-12 Louisiana Technology Standards for Students


TEC21 (Technology Enhancing Curriculum in the 21st Century)

Technology Enhancing Curriculum in the 21st Century (TEC21) is Instructional Technology's professional development program designed to incorporate the use of technology within the curriculum at every level of instruction. During the course, teachers will learn how digital tools (cameras, presentation software, computing equipment) and online resources can support and enhance traditional subjects, skills and teaching practices. They will also learn how to integrate technology into the core content, incorporate real world problems and utilize digital tools and resources that enhance learning goals. As a result, students will learn to think and work creatively and collaboratively.Teachers who complete the course will receive a computer, printer and software and will become eligible to participate in the RenewTech program. They will also receive 48 CLUs.


RenewTech is a district program which enables eligible MCS administrators and teachers to obtain new equipment every three years by participating in an approved Instructional Technology or LDE technology professional development class. Teachers become eligible to participate in the program upon completion of INTECH or TEC21. Administrators become eligible to participate in the program upon completion of LEADTech or LEAD21.  Administrators and teachers are eligible to participate in the RenewTech program every 3 years so their equipment will always remain up-to-date. Depending upon the class selected, participants can earn from 24 to 48 CLUs.

District Workshops

Instructional Technology offers a wide range of workshops on a variety of user levels. These workshops are scheduled after school and are listed on the district online registration/evaluation system, CourseWhere. The workshops focus on the technology tools and resources adopted by the district and are designed to teach skills within a curriculum-based context.

Online Courses

In an effort to offer a broader selection of workshops that focus primarily on technology integration, the district offers online courses from the Educational Development Center, the LA Department of Education, and MCS Instructional Technology. Each course includes multiple sessions and lasts from six to eight weeks, requiring teachers to work online approximately three to four hours per week. Each session includes readings, activities and participation in an online discussion and each workshop culminates with teachers developing a final project developed for immediate implementation in their classrooms. Online course offerings are listed on the district online registration/evaluation system, CourseWhere. Participants can earn 24 CLUs for completing an online course.

Professional Development Through Local Universities

Monroe City School System will announce professional development opportunities through our local universities as they are made available to our teachers and staff.  For more information on these opportunities, please visit the Professional Development Opportunities page.