Instructional Technology


Provides an all-inclusive, instructionally sound, student-centered program in which technology plays a meaningful role in supporting, extending and individualizing learning opportunities for all students.


  • Created and oversees the District Plan for Educational Technology
  • Designed and administers the 21st Century Classroom Initiative
  • Provides high-quality professional development activities that enable personnel to meet the National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers or the National Educational Technology Standards for Administrators and enable district students to meet the K-12 Louisiana Technology Standards for Students
  • Assists teachers with technology-connected, standards-based lesson plan development and publishes a lesson plan database on the district web site
  • Initiates projects that promote the appropriate use of technology
  • Provides and oversees the following systems: Google GSuite, COMPASS Technical Components, Computerized Testing, IT Professional Development, Office 365, SMART, GALE Databases, Follett Systems, and WorldBook Web
  • Maintains the district web site

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