Worker's Compensation

Monroe City Schools provides worker’s compensation benefits to employees who are injured at work. This benefit will cover only a work-related injury or illness, not other medical problems. Listed below are the steps for reporting a work-related injury.

Work-Related Injury Treatment Protocol

Step 1:

The Principal (or his/her designee) is to complete an Employer Report of Injury/Illness Form 1007 for every injury and fax the completed form to Ericka Cleveland, Insurance Coordinator @ 318-812-3602.

Step 2: 

The Principal (or his/her designee) is to call Ms. Cleveland @ 325-0601, Extension 3017 for authorization to receive treatment at St. Francis Occupational Medicine. If she is not available, contact Ms. Reshemah Williams in Human Resources for authorization, at 325-0601, Ext. 3007.

Step 3: 

It is recommended with every work-related injury that injured employees report to St. Francis Occupational Medicine (located on Tower Drive) IMMEDIATELY to seek medical treatment. Please note that this treatment will include a mandatory drug screen. Injured employees should report to:

St. Francis Occupational Medicine
St. Francis Community Health Center   
2600 Tower Drive, Suite 304, Monroe, LA 71201
Phone: (318) 966-6320   

Step 4:

Injured employees are to make sure that the attending physician addresses his/her “return-to-work” status and the exact date of injury. The “return-to-work” release may include returning to the Occupational Medicine Program for a follow-up visit (depending on the severity of the injury).

Step 5:

Injured employees are to notify their immediate supervisor and/or principal of all work-related restrictions (i.e., no heavy lifting or bending, inability to stand for long periods of time, etc.) recommended by the attending physician.

Special Notes

  1. Please note that indemnity benefits for work-related injuries are paid only after the initial 7 day week of waiting.
  2. If an employee is off from work due to a work-related injury, employees must use their accumulated sick or vacation leave time during the first seven days of the injury.
  3. The injured employee always has the option of choosing his own physician; however, a choice of physician statement must be completed in order to do so.
  4. If the injured employee is going to be off from work more than seven consecutive days due to the work-related injury, he/she will be expected to have an interview concerning their injury with the Louisiana Agricultural Corporation Adjuster.
  5. If the injured employee will be off from work more than seven consecutive days due to the work-related injury, he/she will be required to complete a Pay and Retirement Option form. Pay and Retirement Option Form
  6. Any questions regarding MCS worker’s compensation benefits should be directed to Ericka Cleveland, Insurance Coordinator at Ext. 3017.

Ericka Cleveland, Insurance Coordinator, x3017