At a Glance

Monroe City Schools serves the approximately 49,300 citizens of the 31.6 square mile city of Monroe. The district is divided into seven educational districts, each served by a representative on the Monroe City School Board. The schools within the district are grouped along grade-level lines. Along with instructional personnel, the Monroe City Schools district office houses Food Services, Building Management, Transportation, and MIS departments.

Monroe City Schools strives to implement instruction that maintains grade-level consistency as well as vertical alignment to prepare students for future grades. All management and decisions are designed to maximize teaching and learning with the district.


Monroe City Schools serves approximately 8412 students in grades PreK-12.

Number of Schools

Level # of Schools Enrollment % of All Students
Elementary 12 5165 61.40
Middle 3 1078 12.82
High 3 2060 24.49
Combined 1 109 1.30

as of March 26, 2018

Students by Ethnicity

Ethnicity % of All Students
African American 84.8
Asian 1.0
Hawaiian/Pacific Islander 0.1
Hispanic 1.3
Native American/Alaskan American .01
White 12.7

as of March 26, 2018

Academic Achievement

The Louisiana Department of Education uses LEAP 2025, LEAP Connect, LEAP 2025 HS/EOC, ACT, WorkKeys, CLEP, and AP tests to evaluate schools and school districts in the areas of academic achievement and accountability.


MCS 2017-2018 District Scores


Monroe City Schools is one of the largest employers in Ouachita Parish, with approximately 1700 full and part-time employees.

Position Number Employed 2014-2015
Certified Personnel 720
Support/Classified Personnel 630
Substitute Teachers & Part-time Employees 400

Teacher Salaries (9 month)

Monroe City Schools is one of the top paying districts in the state with teachers making above the state average. Starting salaries are listed below.

Degree Salaries (2015-2016)
Bachelor's Degree $40,650.58
Master's Degree $41,280.58
Master + 30 $41,448.58
Specialist $42,011.58
Doctorate $42,962.58

Budgeting and financial planning

The district projects a beginning fund balance of $17.2 million for the 2017-2018 fiscal year. At the recommendation of the external auditor, the district has established a goal of achieving and maintaining General Fund reserves at 15% of budgeted expenditures. The 15% reserve target for 2017-2018 equals $8.8 million. The projected ending fund balance is $16.8 million; which is $8 million above the desired reserve.

Source Amount %
Local Revenue $11,648,000 19.9
State Revenue $45,848,164 78.2
Federal Revenue $96,000 0.2
Other sources $1,005,000 1.7
Total $58,597,164 100
General Fund Budgeted Sources of Revenue 2017-2018

View the report from the June 2017 MCS Audit