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    Charter Schools

    Louisiana's Charter School Law was originally enacted in 1995 (Act 192) as a pilot program to allow up to eight school districts to volunteer to participate. The Law was expanded in 1997 (Act 477) to establish the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) and local school boards as charter authorizers. The Law defined four types of charter schools, based on: whether the school is a start-up or conversion of an existing school; the legal status of the entity operating the school; the source and method of funding the school; and certain other provisions. In 2003, through the adoption of Act 9, a new type of charter school was established for the operation of schools transferred to the Recovery School District.

    •Type 1: New start-up school authorized by local school board
    •Type 2: New start-up or conversion authorized by BESE
    •Type 3: Conversion of existing school authorized by local school board
    •Type 4: New start-up or conversion operated as a result of charter between a local school board and BESE
    •Type 5: School transferred to the jurisdiction of the Recovery School District and authorized by BESE

    Call for New Quality Schools
    Monroe City School District is pleased to invite applications for new quality charter schools seeking to open in fall 2014 (or thereafter). Prior to developing your application, please be sure to read the entire packet, Call for Quality Schools: 2014 Louisiana Charter School Application Guide For Local Districts, which contains critical information about Louisiana's strategic priorities and regional demands for new schools.

    Additional resources may be found on the Louisiana Department of Education Charter Schools web site.

    District Contact Information
    Brent Vidrine, Superintendent

    Physical Address:
    2006 Tower Drive
    Monroe, LA 71201

    Mailing Address:
    P.O. 4180
    Monroe, LA 71211