School Zones


MCS 2015-2016 School Zones

Sam Moore, III, Director of Child Welfare and Attendance
Phone:  (318) 325-0601, x5017


To identify your appropriate school zone, locate your street address in the directory

Student Registration Requirements

In order to enroll in the Monroe City School District, a student must live or reside with his/her parent(s) or legal guardian within the city limits of Monroe, Louisiana.

The parent or guardian must provide two proofs of data showing residence which may include a utility bill, a telephone bill, a lease/purchase agreement or correspondence received at that address. All information must be current.  Cell phone bills and cut-off notices are not acceptable.

The parent/guardian should take the following items with them to register/enroll his/her child/children at the assigned school.

1. Residence documentation as indicated above.

2. An official copy of the child's birth certificate (if you do not have a copy, you will be given 15 days to obtain a copy from the state of Louisiana or thirty days if the certificate is coming from out of state.

3. An official Social Security card.

4. A current Immunization (shot) card or record.

5. A drop sheet from the previously school attended showing current grade enrolled.

A parent/guardian who cannot produce or provide the two proofs of documentation showing residence or proof they are living with someone else within that school zone, will be referred to the Monroe City School Child Welfare Office Director or the Supervisor of Student Behavior Management Office. After reviewing the data presented, a School Resource Liaison/ Truant Officer will go to verify the residency provided. Complete the Address Verification Form which may be printed, completed, and returned following the Address Verification Instructions and return paperwork to Child Welfare and Attendance at 2009 Auburn Avenue OR completed in the PDF form and mailed back to Sam Moore, III, Director of Child Welfare and Attendance, as a PDF attachment.

No student will be allowed to register or enroll until the verification process has been completed (within 48 hours of request).A parent/guardian cannot register or enroll the child/children until all paperwork has been completed by the School Resource Liaison/Truant Officer.

Once residency has been established, a letter will be faxed from the Child Welfare/ Student Behavior Management Office to the school located in the zone of residency stating that the parent/guardian are being referred to the school for registration of the named student(s) based upon verification of residency within that school zone.Parent(s)/Guardian(s) will also be called and notified that they can go and register their child/children.

Note:  If a student is eighteen (18) years old or has been emancipated by a court order, he/she can establish his/her own domicile (live at their own home/housing).

Students who are denied admittance to the school may appeal to the Superintendent of the Monroe City School District or designee.